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Water Features in Heathcote NJ


We can transform your Heathcote NJ backyard into a wonderful tranquil and inviting environment,

 by adding an elegant waterfall or pond that is custom made and flows with the existing design.

 Water features are not only are attractive, but they also create your

 own backyard oasis that can attract wonderful wildlife.


Beautiful fountains, stylish rock formations or fun family-friendly water features can add the

 perfect touch to your pool or spa. With countless options available,

 we can help you choose the details that fit your budget and help make your pool feel like it’s truly yours.


Water Features in Heathcote NJ

Water Features for our Heathcote New Jersey and surrounding area residents that are made to keep balance and harmony are called Feng Shui. Other water features are therapeutic additions that create a great focal point in an area. So whether you want harmony or simple beauty, adding a water feature indoors or outdoors will be great.


Choosing among the many types of water features should be very careful. Your desired results and the capacity of the area must meet halfway. Otherwise, it will only be a burden instead of being a great feature of home or commercial space. We will help you decide among the many types of water features based on your budget, you're personal desires, and the area's capacity.


Fountains in Heathcote NJ

The most popular features since the ancient times in elegant gardens and mansions of the rich Europeans are fountains. Today, fountains still symbolize sophistication but they're not anymore as expensive and complicated as the antique fixtures. Fountains are simply the focal points in any area. They can be as small as indoor, on-desk fountains or they can be the most elaborate fountains that lead to a grand swimming pool.


What makes fountains unique compared to other water features is the spurting out water that falls down to a nicely designed big basin. You have probably seen some of New Jersey's best fountains. Your house can have a smaller version of your favorite fountain or design your own trend-setter fountain. Whatever your heart's desire is, we can help you construct the perfect fountain.


Ponds in Heathcote NJ

If fountains are exciting, ponds are quiet, ponds are like the exact opposite of fountains. Although quiet, fountains are never boring. What makes ponds a great addition for the landscape is that they can start an ecosystem where animals and plants live harmoniously. It's like magic witnessing how fishes grow along with the blooming of water lilies. They also look more natural, making them more appealing for nature lovers. Birds and other beautiful species are often magnetized by ponds, too.


The only problem with this water feature is the complex maintenance. Since there will be living creatures, you are expected to take care of them. But it doesn't have to be a burden if ponds were built with maintenance in mind. Don't worry about that because in our years in the landscaping business, we know exactly how to maintain your pond easier.


Waterfalls in Heathcote NJ

Whether you have a limited or unlimited space, this water feature can always be a great addition to any area. But the most popular are elaborate waterfalls that feed into ponds. So if you already have a pond, it's a great idea to also add an elegant waterfall.


What if you do not have a pond? Then get a pond-less waterfall. Instead of falling into a basin full of water, the falling water will sift into stones. This is a safer choice if you have naughty pets and children who can't resist jumping in the "swimming pool."


Not only fountains, ponds, and waterfalls, we can build other water features for any establishments like cascades, streams, swimming pools, hot tubs, bird baths and a lot more.


 You may contact us today for free consultation, estimate, and references.

 Let's start planning about improving your residential or commercial establishment

 with the most stunning water features in New Jersey.